The Desire Map Overview

The Desire Map started out as a book, written by Danielle LaPorte. From there, it became the driver of over 500 book clubs around the world.

At the heart of it all? A COMMITMENT TO FEELING GOOD. Cynics would say that choosing to place your focus on feeling good is silly -- maybe, even selfish. But I (and thousands of other Desire Mappers around the globe) know better. Because who wants to live in a life that doesn't feel good? Who wants to work in a job that sucks their life focus? Who wants to be in the relationships where they don't feel nourished and honored? Who wants to feel bored in their own life?

Not me. And I'm pretty sure, not you.

The Desire Map taught me how to make better choices by making decisions based on my core desired feelings. And that boils down to living a life that feels good to live. I've watched this book inspire major transformation in my own life and in the lives of many others. I believe in this material -- I know that it works. 

I don't believe we're on this planet to live unfulfilled lives, or to let our potential go unrealized.

I DO believe that we're each here to design a life that feels good. Feel good at work, in your clothes, in your relationships, in your heart. 

It'd be my honor to support you in creating that. I'd love to see you at my Desire Map workshops.

Your soul is rooting for you and so am I.


Yogi Tish

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I completely understand.

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How did The Desire Map change my life?

This is a fantastic question, honey bunny! I am so glad that I found The Desire Map because it tapped me into my personal power. My core desired feelings (CDFs) have become my litmus test for any decisions I have to make. When I am faced with a choice, I immediately ask myself, "How do I want to feel? How do my options compare to my core desired feelings? How can I choose an option that will nourish and strengthen my core desired feelings?" At the beginning of 2016, I left my job in Corporate Finance. I was stressed out and so far away from my CDFs that I knew I had to make a change. I decided to focus full-time on my spiritual life coaching practice and teaching yoga. I made the promise to myself that I would keep my CDFs at the forefront of my life and let them lead the way. Oh, the joy!

What are my Core Desired Feelings?

Light Limitless Ease  

My entire life I have used pure power and force to get what I wanted. Don't get me wrong! It can be a dope feeling to crush every single goal you've ever had. Until it isn't. I remember sitting with my classmates at graduation from JGSB and feeling like, "Okay. Cool. I got my MBA. Shouldn't I feel like I'm on top of the world? This is really anti-climactic." I've pushed for so long that I just can't push anymore. So now I approach life a lot differently. I give my absolute best and I surrender the outcome. If I feel like I'm carrying weight on my shoulders, I immediately re-calibrate because something ain't right. I want my life to feel like a day at the beach with the cool breeze hitting my face and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. 

Divine Sanctuary

At the end of 2014, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disorder that primarily affects my gastrointestinal system. Working 7 days a week on financial models, eating like shit, and foregoing my yoga practice immediately became null and void in my book. I did not know what "self-care" meant until I did my yoga teacher training at YogaOne Studios in Houston. Now I'm all about it. Don't get me wrong -- there are days where I fail miserably at taking care of myself, but I've learned to not beat myself up about it. Self-compassion is a critical part of self-care. Each day I try to treat my body as a divine sanctuary because it is where my soul resides.

Sacred Priority 

It is so easy to put our dreams on the back burner and focus on what the world thinks we should achieve. I got the MBA. I got the high paying job. I got paid the most money I had ever made in my life. Yet, the first thing I would think when my alarm went off in the morning was, "Oh, shit. Not again." This phrase reminds me to give my desires and my dreams "the highest quality of my attention," as my teacher Albina always says. 

Delightful Diva

Let's face it, honey bunny -- LIFE IS SHORT! My friends often make fun of me because I take everything so seriously. I do so because it truly is an honor to be here and I am grateful for my life. I want to make the most it. That being said, if we are not delighting in our lives, then what's the point? I'm not talking about material things, either. I'm talking about the small pleasures, the moments that take our breath away, the magic of connecting with another human being. I want that! I also want to tap into my inner Beyoncé and just get fierce with it. Yasssssssssss!!!!!

Light Limitless Ease.jpg

What are the benefits of doing a Desire Map workshop with me?

  • It is very important to me to provide you with a safe space where you can be yourself and contemplate what you want. When we first start down the path of soul work, it can be intimidating and frustrating because we normally don't take a look at what's underneath the surface of our lives. You are safe to explore, to voice out loud the things that you normally might not say to anyone in your life. No judgment. Just sacred observation.
  • I walk you through The Desire Map process from start to finish. Level One focuses on defining your core desired feelings. Level Two contemplates creating goals with soul -- using your CDFs to direct your steps.
  • I am a certified life coach and yoga teacher. I bring techniques from those two worlds into my workshops to complement Danielle's methodology.
  • You gain access to my private Facebook group. You are able to communicate with your fellow Desire Mappers -- ask questions, share insights, be a part of an amazing virtual tribe!
  • I offer you an optional 1:1 jam session. If you are an introvert and you're finding it hard to share with the group AND you still want the benefits of the workshop, you can totally schedule a one-on-one 60 min call or Skype session with me (a $100 value, yours for FREE). 
  • Soul work for you to do on your own time in between sessions so that you don't lose your steam
  • List of my all-time favorite personal development resources
  • 30 days of Miracle Messages sent via e-mail
  • Four meditation audios
  • Personalized weekly mantras

If you have any additional questions about The Desire Map Workshop, my life coaching practice, or life in general, sign up for a FREE 60 min jam session